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autogynophilla and the DSM V

Posted in Uncategorized by genderqueer2genderqueer on December 31, 2012

Look, I think autogynophilla is bulishit, it is sexualising to trans women, it is misgendering, in short it is bullshit.

But I will support it being added to the DSM V, on one condition. That is is considered a sufficient diagnosis for FUNDED transtion. If we follow the view of autogynophila as the cause of all non heterosexual (ie attracted to women) then a hell of a lot of trans women are autogynophillics and I am aware of no evidence that bi and gay women gain less from transtion and as transition is generally considered a medical necessary then clearly what you have done, is recognized someone is trans, with a very common presentation, so they should be provided with medical care.

Sex is ickky and you have a paraphilla therefore you shouldn’t transition is not a good enough reason to withhold medical care.

Now I am a FAAB trans person, while autoandrophila has been added to the DSM I would expect that it will be a rare diagnosis, and that the threat of autoandrophilla will not generally stop trans men transitioning, and it may well stop trans women from being able to access transition, so their voices should be the primary voices in this fight, please read about the problems with autogynophilla by the amazing author Julia Serano.

But if I may be able to humbly request that we consider if this diagnosis is going to be made that we push for it to be recognized for what it is, another diagnosis that should be considered equivalent to gender dysphoria.


Questions from search

Posted in Uncategorized by genderqueer2genderqueer on October 21, 2012

I have a number of searches which are all variants of why are all genderqueers female assigned at birth.

Short answer, they are not, many gq and non binary people where assigned as male or intersex, if I had to guess I would say that non binary people are as likely to be male assigned as female assigned, so I would reframe the question as why do people assume non binary and gq people are FAAB?

I would start with masculine privilege, and a social dislike of people considered male cross dresses, butchness is idolized, many gq FAAB people are lumped in with butch dykes, where as “male cross dressers” which many gq maab people are seen as are seen as pathetic, gross, a joke, not as gender rebel, which is to say classic trans misogyny.

I think it is worth repeating a genderqueer community which welcomes people on the basis of assigned sex is missing the god damn point, and the sooner that genderqueer doesn’t mean skinny white faab and masculine the better.