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I am some kind of genderqueer clark kent

Posted in Uncategorized by genderqueer2genderqueer on June 2, 2010

Oh hey, we have a new writer around here, I will let them introduce themselves but I am looking forward to seeing their writing.

So their is a feminist anti-porn, anti “raunch culture” meeting going on near me, and given the subject matter I raunch should be represented too,  so pull out my sluttish girl drag, 4 inch heels with rhinestones, thinking micro mini and push up bra under a shirt that says lust in big letters across the chest, throw on a collar and I am ready to go. while a lot of ft* people (as well as butches of all histories) would find this kind of get up really dysphoria causing, I can invistion it as drag, so it doesn’t bother me, being the flaming faggot I am, I just become another queen who is remarkably good a tucking.

So what is the issue? I have a gender doc appointment before this I can not see the lovely gp who is wrting my T scripts see me in girl drag, so this is the plan for tommorrow, go into the doctor in boy drag (best binder, but otherwise pretty much how I dress day to day, with a bag full of femme contraband, get bloodwork done, talk about fitting into a male role, find a public toliet, change into Raunch Slut! defender of sluts everywhere! That sounds stupid and self egrandising, let’s say, just slutting everywhere.

Such is the life of the gender fluid.


keywords, not idenities

Posted in Uncategorized by genderqueer2genderqueer on April 26, 2010

Keywords, not labels was linked to by nix’s and all I could think was hell yes.

I said in a earlier post that I a lot of identities, and I think the way  Rebecca put it was about right, it’s not that I have a lot of identities, it’s that I don’t have clear identities, I have a lot of keywords, which fit, at some times, and don’t at others, which have less or more importance to me at the time.

As I said earlier I am a academic, to be specificity I work in the space between mathematics and computer science, some times the papers I read (and hopeful write) are computer science papers, some times they are statistical papers, sometime they are math papers, some items they are all of the above.

This doesn’t bother academics, they are used to papers being complex, being more than one thing, being if I can abuse the terminology, non binary.

Rebecca says she doesn’t think it will catch on, I hope she is wrong.