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I don’t want to be silent this day

Posted in Uncategorized by genderqueer2genderqueer on November 21, 2010

I haven’t really written anything here for a while, I haven’t felt like I have the energy, like I have any answers at the moment, but it is the 20th of November in much of the world, transgender day of remembrance, when we pause, and remember those who died because they where trans, or gender variant.


I will point you to this post, because it discusses Veronica Baxter, an australian indigenous women who who placed, against NSW policy into a male jail and hung herself, Australia has a appalling history of aboriginal deaths in custody, and Veronica death is one where her status as a trans women and her status as an indigenous women came together and caused her death.


What can I for those who died because they where trans.


What can I say for those who take their own lives because of what they suffer.


What can I say to those, who where only beaten, only raped, only thrown out of home.


What can I say to those who where not trans, but where thought to be, and suffered because of it, because of the gender panic we current live in.


When even wearing cancer awareness shoes is too much for some people.


I can say, you are not forgotten, I carry my people in my heart.


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