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Actually, I am crazy, and their is still no reason to disrespect me.

Posted in Uncategorized by genderqueer2genderqueer on June 6, 2010

The medical records will probably not be expunged so when they fill out an application form and omit that their medical records state that they had a mental illness they will be committing fraud.

Some will never ever be able to work with children, get certain jobs, or be considered as trustworthy and reliable because of that medical record. Some medical schools are still teaching that transsexual, transgender or trans anything identities are mental illnesses. [link]

I am tempted to write, well fuck you too, and leave it at that, because of this, this is more of a rant and less of a conversation than I would have liked to have had, but then I get irrationally annoyed around those who piss down the social order.

You know what, it sucks that trans * people can’t work with children, get certain jobs or be considered trustworthy and reliable because they are actually mentally ill.

that continued the illusion that trans people were crazy and howling at the moon.

You know, they are right, that is how you tell the mentally ill ones, every mentally ill person I know howls at the moon, and totally don’t bitch about meds and trying to cope and trying to get funding for treatment and how much there coworkers shit them and ….

yeah no.

Moving on.

It seems that WPATH is now dominated by the transgender fascista who believe only people who agree to call themselves transgender are the real sane ones.

All other trans people such as the transexed or transsexuals – like yours truly – are still as nutty as a fruit cake. In fact we are not only non-compliant, difficult, refuse to accept our ‘transgenderness’, we should also be excluded from the proper workings of that association.

Does anyone smell prejudice?

I support people identifying however they want, while I use trans* or transgender as an unbarllera term, I am happy to talk about why it isn’t perfect and the issues that some within our community have with it, but I am yet to come across any medical literature suggesting that those within the trans */Sex and gender diverse  community who id as transgender rather than  transexual (like myself*) are more sane, more reliable, more anything than those who describe themselves as transsexuals. But then, as a therapist as you state in your article, I sure you would know much more about the state of mental health than I would.

*To me, transexual is a word I am uncomfortable with because of both its binary conintations and because it is a word which is generally defined with respect to the medical system, and I don’t like that system enough to define myself within it constraints.

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