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Posted in Uncategorized by genderqueer2genderqueer on June 2, 2010

Oh hey, we have a new writer around here, I will let them introduce themselves but I am looking forward to seeing their writing.

So their is a feminist anti-porn, anti “raunch culture” meeting going on near me, and given the subject matter I raunch should be represented too,  so pull out my sluttish girl drag, 4 inch heels with rhinestones, thinking micro mini and push up bra under a shirt that says lust in big letters across the chest, throw on a collar and I am ready to go. while a lot of ft* people (as well as butches of all histories) would find this kind of get up really dysphoria causing, I can invistion it as drag, so it doesn’t bother me, being the flaming faggot I am, I just become another queen who is remarkably good a tucking.

So what is the issue? I have a gender doc appointment before this I can not see the lovely gp who is wrting my T scripts see me in girl drag, so this is the plan for tommorrow, go into the doctor in boy drag (best binder, but otherwise pretty much how I dress day to day, with a bag full of femme contraband, get bloodwork done, talk about fitting into a male role, find a public toliet, change into Raunch Slut! defender of sluts everywhere! That sounds stupid and self egrandising, let’s say, just slutting everywhere.

Such is the life of the gender fluid.


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  1. Tman69 said, on June 3, 2010 at 10:08 pm

    yay for you! Im a big admirer of anyone who does good drag comfortably- whatever their gender.

  2. bubblegumblues said, on June 4, 2010 at 4:56 am

    You win at life! Let us know how it goes! =D

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