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On male privilege

Posted in Uncategorized by genderqueer2genderqueer on March 18, 2010

Their is a meme that goes around the anti-trans feminist thought that says that trans men transtion to gain privilage, and while I think this is bullshit their is a bit of male privilage that I am really really looking forward to.

Being left the fuck alone, not having a body worth scrutinising or judging, and not being called “toots” by a man I had just given a significant chunk of money to.

Women should have this, all people should fucking have this, but as someone who was very tall, looked older than he was and hit female puberty very young, it has left a stain over everything I am, and the idea that it would _stop_ that I would just be able to pay a professional for fixing storm damage and just get on with my day…. fucking bliss

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